Mastering IELTS Academic Reading


    By Mr. David



Table of Contents


  1. Introduction: The Academic Reading Module

  2. Reading Skills

  3. Reading Exercises

  4. Question Types

  5. True, False Not Given Questions

  6. Yes, No, Not Given Questions

  7. Multiple Choice Questions

  8. Paragraph Heading Questions

  9. Summary Completion Questions

  10. Other Completion Questions

  11. Sentence Completion Questions

  12. Matching Sentence Endings Questions

  13. Short Answer Questions

  14. Matching Information to Paragraph Questions

  15. Matching Names with Statements Questions

  16. Other Matching Questions

  17. Pick from a List Questions

  18. Theme Question

The Academic Reading Module

This Reading Module will prepare you to score well on the reading section of the IELTS. It is the result of me going through every Cambridge IELTS book ever published, hundreds of tests and thousands of pages of internet and other documents over the last five years. It will ensure that you understand the overall purpose of the exam and teach you to handle the various types of questions you will see on the exam. In addition to an overview, you are given specific strategies for each question type, and an example of how the strategy should be used.

This module may be considered by some to be repetitive; that is intentional. I want to get these ideas into your LONG TERM MEMORY. If you want to be entertained you should find a different website. If you do this module, you will improve your Reading score a lot, like all of my other IELTS students. Please complete every exercise below and send in your Answer Sheet. I will grade it and get back to you about your results.


The Academic Reading Test tests the reading skills that you need in college. It lasts 60 minutes and has 40 questions. You must read three college-level passages; each one has 13 or 14 questions. Each passage will be on a different topic of academic interest, and may contain diagrams, graphs or illustrations. Section l is the easiest passage and Section 3, the hardest.

The answers will never be more than three words. Your spelling must be correct and your handwriting must be clear. You will lose marks if you misspell words or write more than the instructions specify. You must fill in your answer sheet as you go. No extra time is given for that. Each correct answer receives 1 mark.

A variety of question types are used in Academic Reading including: 1. True/False/Not Given; 2. Yes/No/Not Given; 3. Multiple Choice; 4. Paragraph Headings; 5. Summary Completion; 6. Table Completion; 7. Note Completion; 8. Diagram Completion; 9. Flow Chart Completion; 10. Sentence Completion; 11.

Selecting Sentence Endings; 12. Short Answer; 13. Matching Information to Para- graphs; 14. Matching Statements to People; 15. “Other” Matching Tasks; 16. Pick from a List; and 17. Theme Questions

This Reading Module will prepare you to handle all the various types of questions by giving you exercises to practice each question type. You will be given a strategy for each type of question. You will improve your score by knowing each question type, and having a strategy for answering each type of question.

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