IELTS Classes

I’ve spent 5 years building custom materials for IELTS which are designed to help everyone, from the beginner to the expert. I have written a collection of booklets with many IELTS exercises that  prepare you for every possible task that may appear on the exam. Advance students can finish them in a week. A basic student might need 3 months to finish the same material. Do an assessment test and I will give you feedback as to your ability. 


Whatever level you may be, I can help you like I have helped many others. Text me with your questions. +60 12 230 9260


About IELC

IELC has custom curricula for all levels of English students. Our curricula are focused on improving your grammar, vocabulary and test taking skills. We have an extensive library past year tests and can train you for any English exam. Eleven percent of our test takers have scored A*, fifty-four percent have scored A, and twenty-four percent B.

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Our Courses

IELC has custom curricula for IGCSE, O-Level and SPM students

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